How to Perform CPR

Doing CPR on someone can be life-saving. You will never know when you will be faced with a life-threatening situation. Even your children will benefit from knowing how to administer CPR. Step 1 First, you have to check if the patient is breathing. If the patient is breathing there is no need to do CPR. …

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Dos and Donts in Emergency Situations

In cases of emergencies, your preparedness and presence of mind can save lives; yours or that of others. On top of the dos and don’ts it is important to keep in mind to always stay calm, call for help immediately and apply first aids while waiting for help to arrive.

6 First Aid Tips Everyone Should Know

  We can never be too careful, accidents do happen and although calling 911 is always wise; knowing what in cases of emergencies can make a lot of difference and may even save lives. Here are six helpful first aid tips everyone should know.